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All you need to do is:

Event listings are FREE!

All you need to do is:

  1. Fill out the form below accurately and completely.
  2. Give us an image to use as your event banner.

All fields are mandatory, except those marked (OPTIONAL).

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For example: Grahamstown Arts Festival
Give potential visitors to your event an idea of what they can expect. Be creative!


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For example: Final day ends at 1:30 PM


Is this a repeating event?

Please describe, in plain language, how your event repeats. (For example: Every 1st Saturday of each month)


Where is this event taking place?

For example: Moth Hall


Google map

A Google map (showing your venue location) will display along with your event details.
The accuracy of this map will be entirely up to the accuracy of the Latitude/Longitude details you give us.
The surest way to pinpoint the venue is to use Google Maps.

Once you are in Google Maps (take me there):
  1. Click on "Earth" or "Satellite" (typically bottom left of Google Maps).
  2. Zoom all the way in until you can see the venue.
  3. Click on the venue (Do NOT click on any markers).
  4. Google will display the Latitude and Longitude (typically bottom center of Google Maps).
  5. Copy and paste them into the textbox below.

We can not overstress the importance of accuracy. If they can't find you, they can't visit you!
Worse, they may become a tad irate when they run out of fuel trying to find you 🙁

When in doubt, ask a 15-year old.
For example: -29.226485, 24.562920


Does this event have a Website and/or Facebook page?

For example:
For example:


How much will visitors have to pay to get in?

Enter the Rand value only.
Enter the Rand value only.
For example: Pensioners: 30


Upload a banner for your event

We prefer banners (1170 pixels wide, 433 pixels high), but anything will do.

TIP! If you create a banner using the abovementioned dimensions (exactly), you can also use it on Facebook.
The image will fit perfectly on Facebook. You won't even need to reposition it.
Then you send us the same image.

If your event has a Facebook page (and it should), you can upload the cover image that you uploaded to Facebook.
We're talking about the big image at the top of your event's Facebook page.

Also upload some other pictures of your market and stalls. Please make sure these pictures are of reasonable quality and that they give the viewer a feeling of being at your event. We will select the best of these pictures and use them to build your page.

Again, when in doubt, ask a 15-year old.
Drag images here OR click to upload!
Maximum upload size: 33.55MB


Anything else we should know?